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Pay for the platform each month or annually,
and pay for more inductees as and when you need them

Pay for the platform each month or annually,
and pay for more inductees as and when you need them



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Small orgs


Perfect for smaller teams with 1-5 inductees per annum

$15 NZD / mo (billed annually)
Includes 1 inductee pa
  • Branded app
  • Digi-signed HR Forms
  • Policy attestations
  • Prestart to 1st Week
  • Default content for editing
  • Progress tracking
Extra inductees at $49 ea (one-off)
Discounts from 5+
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14 days free access
No CC required
All orgs


Best for teams with more unique or complex needs, or 20 - 1000+ inductees

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Everything in Enhanced, and:

  • Bespoke structure
  • Custom configuration
  • Groups (multi level)
  • Multiple Privileged roles
  • < 2 hours response time

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Large organisations


For organisations with 100-1000 inductees per annum.

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What’s included
  • Flexible+
  • Supported implementation
  • Custom configuration
  • Integrations/SSO
  • Premium support
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All figures are in New Zealand Dollars, excluding gst.
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Features Across Plans





Custom Branding
Pre-Start to 1st Week
Pre-Start to 1st Month
HR Forms
Default Base Content
Images, Video, Hyperlinks
Policy Attestation
Simple Content Interactions
Simple Review Questions
Engagement Surveys
Progress Reporting
Knowledgebase Support
Privileged Roles
2 Users
3 Users
Enhanced Content Interactions
Enhanced Learning Interactions
1 Level
Content Variations by Group
Managers Guide
Customised email wording
Integrations / Single Sign-on
Support Response
24 hours
7am - 6pm (Mon-Fri NZT)

Questions You May Have

How does pricing work?

There’s an annual platform fee (which can be paid monthly) which includes 1 inductee. Then you can pay-as-you go for more inductees when you need them, with discounts for buying 5 or 10 at a time. Inductees do not expire.

Can I change plan afterwards?

Yes, you can upgrade to get extra features, or downgrade after changing/deleting any higher tier features

Am I locked into a contract?

No, you can cancel any time before your next payment.  Once you stop paying, your content and data will be disabled for 30 days then deleted.

Does it auto renew?

Yes, once you enter your credit card, your card will be debited monthly or annually according to your selected plan.

What about managers?

HR Admin can create managers as needed for no charge.

How long will it take to get set up?

You could be up and running in just a few hours, and then continue to update your app as you use it.

Do you need to download anything?

No, The Induction App is web-based so it can be accessed by any device, just like a website.

What if I need help?

Everything about The Induction App is intuitive and user-friendly, and there's a full knowledge base where you can quickly search for answers when you need more detail.

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