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Referral Rewards

Receive an online NZ$250 Prezzy® Card* for referrals that sign up for Flexible or Enterprise (or a NZ$50 Prezzy card for referrals that self-sign-up for Simple or Enhanced).
Recommend The Induction App to a friend or colleague
Complete a Referral
form if they're keen
Receive your Prezzy Card once they sign up and pay
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Terms and Conditions of Referral Rewards:

  1. The Prezzy® Card is a thank you for when you tell someone about The Induction App, and their organisation subsequently signs up.
  2. The online Prezzy Card referral values are:
    • NZ$250 for Flexible/Enterprise signups
    • NZ$50 for Self-service signups (Simple/Enhanced).
  3. Your online Prezzy Card will be initiated within 10 working days of your referred organisation paying either:
    • the Set Up Fee (Flexible/Enterprise) OR
    • the Platform Fee (self-service).
  4. Your online Prezzy Card will be sent to your email as provided in your Referral.
  5. To be valid, Referrals must be:
    • Submitted via the Referral form (from the website or Dashboard)
    • Received within the 60 days PRIOR to the referred organisation signs up.
  6. If two Referrals are received for the same organisation, the first referrer (within the 60 days prior to signup) will receive the Prezzy Card.
  7. By submitting a Referral, you warrant that you are not in breach of any employee-related policy that you are bound by.