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Helping new members navigate multiple layers of extraordinary membership benefits to maximise value for themselves

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Case Studies - EONZ Integration
The Induction App

About Entrepreneurs Organisation NZ

Entrepreneurs Organisation New Zealand (EONZ) is New Zealand’s most influential business network, run by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.  

EONZ is part of a global network of almost20,000 Entrepreneurs across 61 countries.

The Challenge

EONZ is a premium organisation with high eligibility criteria (eg. turnover of US$1million pa)and the annual fees are much higher than those of a typical club or association.  Therefore, it is imperative that new EO Members are able to discover the benefits that deliver many times more business and personal value to them than their fees, within their first year of membership.  

In the past this was the responsibility of the Integration / Engagement Chair (a volunteer Member) and it was mostly achieved through ongoing and resource-intensive personal interactions with each new Member.

The Results

By implementing EONZ’s Induction App, New Members now follow a thoughtfully staged integration experience, guiding them through levels of integration content and activities, with the ability to search for anything specific they want to know more about.  

This means that the Integration Chair can refocus on engaging more deeply with new Members, and help them connect with other Entrepreneurs, rather than imparting information, answering questions and directing them to resources.  It also means that they can:

  • Monitor New Members’ integration progress
  • Track New Members’ engagement, and see where they find value
  • Get automatically reminded when Check Ins are due with various Members.


This has made my job so much easier!
EONZ Integration Chair

And because the App is a comprehensive and searchable guide to EONZ, a modified version was launched to all existing EO Members as the EONZ Pocketguide, giving them easy access to what they need, when they need it, saving EO’s Executive Office from having to repeatedly answer the same questions from Members.

I like it. I want it for my own company.
EONZ Member

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