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Case Studies - Link Alliance Induction

About The Link Alliance

The Link Alliance is made up of seven companies responsible for the design and construction of Auckland’s City RailLink.  

The City Rail Link is three and a half kilometres of twin-tunnel underground rail link, up to 42 metres below Auckland’s city centre. It includes four stations, links to other train lines, and is New Zealand’s largest transport infrastructure project ever.

The Challenge

The Link Alliance’s first of 8 Key Objectives is to Achieve industry leading standards for health, safety and wellbeing.  To support this, they have a robust health and safety induction for employees and contractors who work on one of their four main sites.

However, they also have thousands of drivers who will need to enter one or more of Link Alliance’s secure sites to deliver materials, equipment or supplies over the life of the project.  Some drivers only visit once, some occasionally, and some drivers are frequent visitors to all sites.  

Link Alliance started by conducting weekly and daily health and safety inductions in their training room, and required everyone entering one of their sites to attend. This classroom-based health and safety induction took between two and four hours.  That’s a huge time commitment for the health and safety trainers, as well as for the drivers who are delivering to other secure sites too.  

The health and safety team knew there must be a better way, one that was more time- and resource- efficient and where they could confirm that drivers understood the safety rules (not just attended a session).  

The Results  

By Link Alliance implementing their Driver Induction app:

  • Drivers can now do their health and safety site induction on their phone, from the convenience of their own home, truck or office
  • Drivers now spend less than 20 minutes completing their site induction, only 10% of the time it used to take for them to travel to and from, and attend a classroom induction
  • Each company’s Admin can add their own drivers whenever they need to, and send drug and alcohol tests to Link Alliance
  • Drivers can prove their understanding of secure site policies and protocols by completing an online assessment (from a segmented, random question pool)
  • Link Alliance now gets easy access to reporting showing progress and successful completions by driver or company
  • Upon completion of their induction, drivers unlock a digital ID pass in their app making for quick and easy access at the site gate.

The Drivers' Induction App delivers a robust, efficient site induction as part of Link Alliance’s industry-leading standard for health, safety and wellbeing.

That's one less thing for the health and safety team to worry about!

App themed to the Link Alliance brand

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