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Case Studies - Swimgym Induction
Swimming School

About Swimgym

Swimgym is a recognised swim school, with coaching links to the Olympic and World Championships. Since 1987, Swimgym has been teaching people of all ages and abilities to swim - whether it's to develop a technique, swim competitively or just develop confidence in the water.

During the summer months, Swimgym delivers over 12,000 lessons per week across 5 locations. Their motto is:

"Swim Well, Swim Fast, Swim Safe."

The Challenge

Swimgym has a number of long-term permanent staff. However in their 6-7 months' peak season, they need to efficiently recruit, induct and train a new squad of swimming teachers. Swimgym needs to get these new staff up and running quickly and effectively, in order to take full advantage of the season.

For peak season, Swimgym employs and trains high school students to become seasonal, part-time swimming coaches.

Before they adopted Induction App, Swimgym's whole onboarding and Induction was paper-based and time-consuming. And alongside that, there was a rigorous training and assessment process to ensure that the new teachers were ready to help others swim well, swim fast, swim safe.

These young digital natives found there was too much paper, and they couldn't really be bothered reading all the carefully prepared documents. On the other hand, HR was finding it a nightmare trying to get the new employee payroll forms completed accurately and in time, and wasting a great deal of time and effort going to and fro with different people trying to get it sorted.

I can't even explain how much we love it.

Corporate Manager

The Results  

Within 30 days of committing to Induction App, Swimgym were up and running, and looking much more organised and professional - especially to those digital natives.

Swimgym found their biggest benefits were:

  • Consistency in the way they do induction, regardless of which pool site someone was at
  • Easy visibility across all new employees' progress in induction, training and assessment
  • Easy tracking of staff engagement, and early identification of any problem areas
  • Automated reminders keeping everyone on task
  • All the paperwork done right first time, without any chasing
  • Increased respect and appreciation from their digital native workers.
Thanks so much for all your help with the Induction App. It's something that has made our induction of staff immeasurably easier. Your friendly team have made the delivery of content easy, were on to us (in a supportive way) to get things done and we were up and running within 30 days. We now seem far more organized and structured than we really are.

A couple of comments from those who use it day to day are "the app ensures consistency in our induction - making sure we are dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's". and: "the app takes the pain out of paperwork with its seamless uploading of all of the relevant documents". Thanks for your app Sussan - it provides for one less headache each month.

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