Systemising paperwork and manual tasks

Eliminating paperwork and labour-intensive tasks in the induction and training of remote farmworkers

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Case Studies - Wairarapa Moana Induction
The Induction App
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About Wairarapa Moana

Wairarapa Moana Incorporation (WMI) is an innovative inter-generational Māori business with profitable and sustainable management of their whenua, and recognised for excellence in farming practices.

Wairarapa Moana Farms incorporates over 10,000hectares of land at Mangakino in New Zealand's South Waikato - with 12 dairy farms milking 10,500 cows, two dairy support farms rearing 2,200 heifers, and 6,000hectares of forestry.

The Challenge

WMI hires and inducts between 20 and 30farmworkers each year. When we first talked with them, their new hands-on workers were given multiple paper-based forms to complete and return, and printed booklets of company information and policies to read.

Farm Managers were then responsible for explaining everything else, including health and safety rules and practices and all the other job requirements.

Being based in Taupo, WMI’s HR Advisor was not on the farm to personally support Farm Managers with onboarding, induction and training.

The Results

After implementing The Induction App, new farmworkers’ lives got a whole lot better with a streamlined introduction to the company and their new farmhouse even before their first day, with only one online form to complete. In fact it’s working so well for them, their overall engagement is well above 80%.    

WMI’s HR Advisor is now:

  • Delivering a consistent and more empowering experience for new employees
  • Ensuring customised content and activities by farm and by role, as well as the company-wide content and requirements
  • Automatically capturing proof of understanding and digital acknowledgement of the housing, H&S and other policies
  • Automatically sending reminders for overdue tasks
  • Tracking farmworker induction and training progress
  • Monitoring engagement trends overall, and for each farm or farmworker
  • Saving Farm Managers’ time by having systemised their previously repetitive explanations and tedious tasks.
The app has streamlined the process for me saving me time on paperwork and follow up. They have this readily available ontheir phone and it gives them a simple process to follow.   

And by eliminating all the paper forms, paper-based materials and task spreadsheets, she has also:

  • saved time, money and effort from printing, compiling and couriering
  • removed HR paperwork errors, and the back and forth and follow ups
  • reduced payroll input errors.
This app has improved consistency across our farms as everyone follows the same induction process.  It aligns with our core values and is a fantastic tool.  Wish we had found this sooner!  
A great result!
Love love love this app!!! 
HR Advisor

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