Admin & Paperwork? More Like Drudgery & Chorework!

Are You Killing Your Newbies' Enthusiasm With Admin and Paperwork? Lets change that.
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Are you still sending out a paper-based welcome pack?  Maybe there’s a bunch of policies to read, brochures to review, forms to fill out, and other things to do.  If so, that’s not a great way to help your newbies feel inspired about joining your company.

Maybe you don’t do that, but instead send them a big long email of things they need to read and do.  It’s not on paper, but it’s not better either.

Back to the new employee forms - for tax, superannuation, opt-in benefits, payroll.  At worst you’d send out paper-based forms, on which they have to handwrite the same details several times over. Or perhaps you’ve moved on from that, and you email them out as PDF forms, which they can complete online.  (And can they sign these online too, or do they need to print them anyway to sign and send it back?)

Whether it’s on paper or online,  making them fill out each form individually is annoying and a waste of their time, and you’re likely to be killing their enthusiasm through administration and paperwork.

If you’re employing millennials, genZs or tech-savvy people, they’ll be thinking your company is a bit behind the times.  You’re causing them to wonder if they made the right choice given that this is their introduction to working for you. It’s certainly not reinforcing the idea that you’re a forward-thinking leading organisation.

Take a moment to consider how the administration of joining your company feels to your new person.  

  • How many forms do they need to fill in?  
  • How repetitive, annoying and time-consuming is it?  
  • What could you do to streamline the admin, and improve their onboarding experience?
  • Could you combine the documents into one digital form?
  • Could you use digital signing?

"This app has streamlined the process for me, saving me time on paperwork and follow up. It’s readily available on their phone and it gives them a simple process to follow."
HR Advisor, Wairarapa Moana Farms

If you want a quick and easy way to streamline the paperwork, and massively improve your new employees’ overall experience, you need your own Induction App.  

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