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Is your Onboarding Employee-centric? Or HR-centric?

Lots of organisations say that they’ve got onboarding and induction sorted. But when we dig a bit deeper, we find that it’s sorted from HR’s perspective. They’ve streamlined the onboarding process and paperwork to make it easier for HR. But what does induction really feel like from a new hire’s perspective?

How do Millennials and Gen Z feel about the way they got onboarded at your company?

If you’re still delivering paper-based and clunky onboarding, you’re going to lose their respect.

  • Millennials and Gen Z are digital natives, with almost every one owning a smartphone
  • Gen Z has an average attention span of about 8 seconds (according to a Microsoft study).

Making them do things manually causes them to believe that your company is behind-the-times. They’re likely to lose respect for the organisation and start to disengage, and could easily be open to “other opportunities” within their first 6 months. That’s not what you want. Don’t let your company get left behind.

How much effort is it for you to induct?

For most managers, inducting new employees is inconvenient, a bit of a burden, and just another thing that needs to be done on their ever-increasing to-do list, even when they know the first days and weeks are important.  Very often it’s HR who’s left to pick up the pieces.
That means those awesome new hires which you spent time, money and effort recruiting, end up with inconsistent, poor-quality induction. And that affects their attitude towards their role, and towards the company.  

The research shows that:

  • 88% of new hires say they didn't have a great induction
  • 1 in 3 new employees are disengaged and still applying for other roles within their first 6 months
  • 33% of new staff have already gone before they reached 12 months.

If you’re worried about the lack of engagement, poor retention and low productivity, having your own Induction App would fix that. It would integrate all the best practice tools and techniques to deliver an onboarding experience that will make the difference to your new inductees, to your managers, and to HR.

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