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Reduce the onboarding burden for smaller companies
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When you're a smaller company and you have a new starter, it's really exciting.... but it's also a bit of a burden.  Even when you only induct a couple of times a year.

Someone (you?) has to sort out all the paperwork, tell them everything they need to know, show them everything they have to do, and explain how everything works. And you've still got all your own workload to get through!  

The Induction App changes all that.  It streamlines all the paperwork and systemises your new starter's onboarding journey, from prestart through their first few days, weeks or months.  They get to see their induction journey, and access what they need, when they need it.

The Induction App takes it off your hands putting it into theirs - letting you spend higher quality time with them, and freeing you up to do other things.

It's easy to get set up with your own Induction App, with a 30-day FREE trial!  

It’s just 3 steps:  

  1. Brand your app (with your colours, logo and hero image)
  2. Customise your content (by adding/editing/deleting the draft content
  3. Prepare to induct (buy inductees when you need them).

Now you've transformed your onboarding and induction!

The danger of continuing with an inefficient onboarding process, is that new starters get a disorganised, time-consuming experience and end up feeling frustrated, confused and uncertain about how things work, feeling like they're a nuisance, and wondering if they made a good choice.  And leave within 12 months so you have to do it all again.

By having your own Induction App, you'll get the benefits of a beautifully efficient and consistent digital onboarding system with a fraction of the effort. You’ll have happier, engaged inductees that get up to speed faster - excited that they chose your company.

And that’s why, when you do manage to attract and secure good people, you must engage them from the moment they sign up, and then make sure they have a great induction experience.

Take the next step to make life better and easier for everyone:  

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