The Induction App : Self service!

We have released our brand spanking Saas version of the Induction App. Now available with a 14-day FREE trail!
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We are excited to announce the launch of the brand-new self-service option of The Induction App, specifically for small to medium businesses! And it comes with a 14-day FREE Trial!

As an SMB ourselves, we know that every new team member matters–a lot. Which means we need to give them the best possible induction experience so that they feel great about joining us, and they’re able to add value quickly. And that’s why we created The Induction App! We use it in our own company so we know it works.

We do managed implementations for the big companies, but we knew we needed to make it really easy for smaller companies to be able to set up their Induction App for themselves, by themselves.

Here’s what our beta-testers said about their experience setting up theirs:

  • Pretty easy and pretty straightforward. You’d be silly not to.
  • Give yourself an hour and you could have it all up and running. Easy.
  • Extremely easy and professional. I'd recommend it.

If your company needs to modernise how it onboards and improve the employee experience, check out our pricing page today.

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