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Still Finding it Hard to Get Good People? Here's WHY
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If you’re still finding it really hard to hire good people, keep reading to find out why. It’s probably not what you think.

We were in a workshop recently reviewing global data and trends.  Most of us were shocked to realise that being short-staffed is NOT because of Covid, OR closed borders, OR our immigration policies.

Yes, those factors have contributed recently, but the real reason is:

The Worker Pool is Shrinking!

It’s the same in every country you look at. Everyone, everywhere is finding it hard to get good people.

Unfortunately, it’s NOT going to get better next year either and here’s why.

  • Baby Boomers (that one-time population bulge) are now leaving the workforce
  • Gen Z see themselves more as gig-workers rather than employees
  • Covid made many people realise that they didn’t want to work full-time, and so will now only accept shorter working weeks (or days) with WFH/hybrid working
  • Covid caused others to change their lifestyles to reduce expenditure (eg. moving out of the city) so they no longer needed to depend on a salary to pay their rent/mortgage

But the biggest one is:

  • Most countries have had declining populations for a couple of decades now, having fewer children, therefore shrinking the incoming workforce of today and going forward.

It’s just going to get harder to recruit good people.

And that’s why, when you do manage to attract and secure good people, you must engage them from the moment they sign up, and then make sure they have a great induction experience.

The Induction App will make sure that happens.  Or maybe you need a more comprehensive approach.

Give us a call today, and let us help you.

"It’s a very cool, easy to implement App to give a new learner an awesome induction experience.  Beautiful to align to recruitment and onboarding... a must see.”
Leader Learning Design Team, BNZ

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